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If the vehicle is initially unlocked, upon remote start the module will start the engine and arm the starter kill, but the doors will not be locked or unlocked at any moment of the sequence. AutoDiscovery Port Includes keyboard, explicit app launch commands, and discrete power. When the vehicle is running, triggering this input will activate idle mode. The parking lights will flash 8 times to confirm resetting. The hood is up and the hood switch line went to ground. The engine should shut down immediately. See this FAQ for more information. Connect to the side of the glow-plug light which is positive when the light is on.

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  • User Guide PSTW. Page 3. PSTW Guide d'installation.

    P. 3. Feature . Caution: The programming of your system should be left to a professional.

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    If it starts in gear, install a manual-transmission remote starter system instead. . PSTW Installation Guide P. 9 The Programming Assistance Button (A.k.a. i have a MSI GF4 Ti. ? connecting cable", and connected my VCR to that via an RCA plug.


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    I am using the VIVO WDM drivers, the ones that came on the driver disc were.
    Special commands such as. Press LOCK to increase the idle speed. Secure Lock This feature allows the module to control certain OEM factory alarm systems without requiring the use of other wires for disarming the OEM alarm. Note: the module will nevertheless proceed to cranking the engine if the glow-plug light is still on after the sec.

    Perreaux Eloquence Series Integrated Amplifiers. Closing Up Use tie-wraps or screws to properly secure the module and keep the wiring away from any moving parts such as the parking brakes or steering column shafts. The starter kill output becomes active during remote starts.

    Using more than one jumper may result in serious damage to the vehicle.

    Ask Manualzz Experts! Doing this will save time and money. End of run time. Cisco Explorer Series Cable Receivers.

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    Always make all your connections before plugging in the module, and be sure to test all functions properly before closing up the installation. Miraclebox Premium Mini Satellite Receiver.

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    images ps 4600 tw programming rca

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    PS TW install english

    preview your next scene - sun i20 is: Includes mic, cables, AC adapter and full 8MM 90 sis RCA instructions 8MM.
    It can be connected to an external starter interrupt relay.

    Use X or X Table 2 To get into the programming centre Once you access a particular programming mode, you will automatically start at function 1. All tach settings are cleared when the module is reset. There is a also a positive parking light output.

    An arm pulse will be sent 4 seconds after the TRUNK button is pressed if the trunk pin state is unchanged The trunk was unopened.

    When a remote starter is installed on a diesel vehicle, the glow-plug section of the ignition circuit must be activated and allowed to operate before the vehicle is remote-started.

    End of run time. Make sure the vehicle properly enters and exits idle mode. Remote start attempt cancelled by remote. Cold weather mode cancelled.