Jj tubes where are they made

images jj tubes where are they made

This had been the best sounding new production until the release of the JJ Then we cranked the volume and this is the first time I can remember spontaneous laughter breaking out during a tube rolling session. The low end is flabby and only gets worse as more lows are dialed in. They don't have that "bloom" in the upper mids that the original Genalex has. Even though we have never really been a fan of 's we do like the Amperex better than the RCA's and GE's, so the Amperex has been the standard to beat. These are nice, warm sounding tubes with good dynamics, nice harmonics.

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  • This is because. Thirdly, and finally, JJ Tube do have genuine heritage. If you look at the picture above you'll see that a Tesla ECC83 tube made in has. JJ Electronic, s.r.o is a Slovak electronic component manufacturer, and one of the world's remaining producers of vacuum tubes.

    They are based in Čadca, in the.
    They are fairly truncated in the low end and although the high frequencies are not brittle like other chinese production tubes they simply seem to lack character and harmonics.

    It has good detail and the break-up is smooth and rich.

    JJ Electronics Audio Tubes

    For more information, see www. Industrial Manufacturers The industrial manufacturers generally produce non-consumer vacuum tubes such as klystrons, magnetrons, rectifiers, thyratrons, or vacuum or gas-filled tubes for non-audio purposes.

    It has plenty of definition even when used in an amp with lots of gain and the microphonics are very low.

    images jj tubes where are they made
    Jj tubes where are they made
    I've had good experiences with JJ's.

    These tubes are built to tighter tolerances and they are very smooth sounding. Catmandue Well-Known Member.

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    Since that time, JJ has successfully introduced many tube types into production and today produces more tube types than any other factory. I enjoy Hifi n stuff The next difference I noted, are some costs savings on the shielding.

    Since that time, JJ has successfully introduced many tube types into We carefully match these tubes ourselves; they can be purchased as pairs, quads and in in the U.S.

    This factory produces the highest quality vacuum tubes made today.

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    JJ Electronic - Vacuum tubes, Capacitors, Amplifiers. I don't know which duck invented this word, but such tubes don't exist. There are TESLA tubes, and there are JJ tubes, both made in different factories.
    I have noticed their tubes available through more online channels than previously however. None on JJs. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

    In the below picture you can see this difference clearly.

    Current Affairs The Best Tubes on the Market Right Now

    Needless to say this has had a huge effect on the boutique high end hifi tube makers. This is one of our favorite tubes just as the original Genalex KT77 is. The low end is better than the chinese KT but it's a trade off because the sovteks have the seemingly patented brittle high end going on so these are a better match for humbuckers, single coils beware!

    images jj tubes where are they made
    Shuguang is about to release an ECC83J later this year.

    Compare of TESLA TUBES with JJ TUBES.

    Here you see a close up of the gold plated grid bars coming out of the mica. Robert Herndon said:. Some amps are purported to sound better with Russian tubes too.

    Electro Harmonix EL These are sovtek tubes and all the above applies.

    images jj tubes where are they made

    The tone, both clean and driven is extremely similar.

    It's not an EL84 that tests low or an EL83 as some of the "all knowing" tube guru's have speculated. This tube was made by JJ at the request of Eurotubes.

    State of the Vacuum Tube Industry

    I made some mistakes back then, that now when I look back I notice. Shuguang​, New Sensor and JJ are very price competitive in their own While primarily vacuum tube manufacturers, they also do (or had) produced. JJ Electronic began producing vacuum tubes in in the reorganized Tesla factory in.

    In addition, they also offer outstanding electrolytic capacitors for tube best current production replacement for NOS/USA made 5Y3GT rectifier tubes.
    When over driven they get nice and thick and do not loose their detail.

    Once again it would really be nice if sovtek would stop all the impersonating, these tubes do not sound like the originals and it just muddies the water.

    Sovtek Tung Sol: Once again the same tube as the newer short plate sovtek EH tube with the exception of the conventional star style mica and the plate coating is a little darker.

    images jj tubes where are they made

    The only tubes where actual problems have occured in the past are the JJ EL When over driven this tube has it! I enjoy Hifi n stuff

    images jj tubes where are they made
    Retrieved 29 October Last edited by HanTheMan; at Q grade sometimes have different spec, some times not.

    With this tube there is a shielding plate between the two triodes. How good is it that theres new modern designs on valves? These are from the 's.