Hc 2500 rate controllers

SmartValves: Filling and cleaning is controlled by two colour coded valves for easy operation. Tower rotation: Adjustable to desired angle for optimum spray penetration of vines. The range of boom option ensures there is a boom for every situation and application need. The HC asks for information before the spray job can be started as this is the best time to remember what the actual task is. The fluid system is easy to access, user friendly and controlled from the cab and the ground. The air speed and delivery angle of the air curtain are controlled by the operator to suit the spraying conditions or to significantly increase the coverage and penetration into the canopy. The fluid system is easy to operate with a colour coded SmartValve. The SetBox now has a serial port, which was previously located on the HC display. Provides precise application regardless of forward speed.

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    images hc 2500 rate controllers

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    and in other countries. (9/04). HC Rate Controller &. The HARDI Monitor and HARDI Controller are for use in agricultural.

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    Automatically, by changing the desired rate on the HC display. Bought a different sprayer this year, it is a hardi help me! The spray II control box and HC are new to me and of course I don't have any.
    Adjustable nozzle gives control over a fine or coarse spray atomisation. The manifold fluid system has colour coded position icons to make operation easy. Integrated tank and chassis design with blow moulded tank for strength and durability.

    Prices are effective from the 1st May RinseTank: Optional L rinse tank is mounted over the axle to optimise weight distribution. The HC and HC display features an advanced, integrated guidance system with on-screen lightbar, capable of multiple guidance patterns.

    A trigger valve controls intermittent or continuous spraying.

    Calaméo HC & HC Product guide

    Hc 2500 rate controllers
    This is explained in the documentation and application section of this product guide.

    And when passing over unsprayed area the ASC turns the section valves on.

    images hc 2500 rate controllers

    Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. Task Controller The Task Controller is a piece of software in the terminal that records task data and handles site specific operation, based on input from the farm management system.

    In the 2D mode the graphic can be scaled in and out. Auto height AutoHeight or AutoTerrain height status is displayed here.

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    Calibration data is typed in via this screen view for the JobCom to receives the necessary sprayer information.

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    HARDI Controller HC is a proven computer providing easy to use rate control.

    The programmed application rate can be changed on the go bypressing the. HARDI HC Thank you for your interest in the SECTION-Control BOX.

    images hc 2500 rate controllers

    For your HARDI HC device, we offer 3 suitable versions. These 3 versions differ​.
    Automatic volume rate 6. TWIN presets behind the grip tions can be carried out. Simple set-up The HC display built-in support and auto-calibration make set-up quickly and easily — even when moving the ParaDyme to another vehicle.

    High quality air volume enables higher forward speeds while maximising penetration and efficiency of application. Lift mounted mistblowers available fromand L capacities.

    A distribution valve controls flow to the spray lance and boom.

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    The compact hydraulic axle suspension has the strength and reliability to protect the sprayer while providing a smooth ride for best boom performance. Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments.

    All blowers have a disconnection device that allows the agitation to function although the fan wheel has been turned off. EAGLE 18 to 30m single dimension truss boom. Poly Fan: More air, blades manufactured from composite synthetic material.