Fair city thread digital spy politics

images fair city thread digital spy politics

Who shot Biggie? Writers including Oyinkan Braithwaite, Sarah Moss and Andrew Michael Hurley spin off stories which end up in very unexpected places, and there's a deep discussion of the actual history of the pieces chosen too. This superlative investigation from the superlative investigative news site digs through the evidence of the attack on a passenger airliner over eastern Ukraine, dragging into the light all the botched Photoshops, suspicious Twitter activity, made-up reports of Ukrainian fighter jets and squiffy radar data which muddied the waters in the hours and days which followed. Top-end stuff. This podcast retells the story and goes on the hunt for Ignatova. There's a precedent for the explosion of dating apps over the last five years too - the Victorian craze for conducting romances by telegraph.

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  • politics Diary of a failed musician

    Anyone else think the Eoghan/Katy storyline is terrible? Eoghan's reaction would make any young person not want to come out. Did anyone notice in Dean's text the other night was in "create a message" style and not a text received:p?

    Nor is it the Fair City is the most wonderful Soap Opera on TV Thread.

    images fair city thread digital spy politics

    info is in the public domain on the Fair City website, Digital Spy and
    He's a lot more complicated than that, though. Joe Loya was so good at robbing banks that he doesn't know how many he ever stole from. As the name suggests a tailender is a player who's rubbish at batting and so goes lastit's not a for-the-heads hour of cricket nerdishness - it's always accessible and funny even if you've only a passing knowledge of the game, and while it's been running for long enough to have a litany of recurring jokes, now's the time to get caught up before the Cricket World Cup.

    And what happened to all the money he managed to steal? If you're unfamiliar, In Our Time sees Bragg throw questions to three academic experts in a given field, whittling away at any jargon or waffle to get to the fundamentals of what happened and why it matters.

    images fair city thread digital spy politics
    The centenary episode features Buxton's Louis Theroux and former comedy partner Joe Cornish, who've all known each other since school immediately revert to extremely entertaining mid-teen silliness, but after that dig back into the archives for more - Kathy Burke, Bob Mortimer, Greta Gerwig, Sir Michael Palin and Steve Coogan are among many highlights.

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    The guests get significantly less heavyweight after Tony Blair in the opening episode, but Simon Amstell is reliably great and O'Brien has a knack for asking the right question at the right time.

    There are only so many hours in the day. Impressively still-quiffed broadcasting stalwart Melvyn Bragg has been presenting In Our Time since it started inand while the series' strength has always been its esoteric magpie eye for a topic, there haven't been many more unexpected than this month's on how teeth came to exist.

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    This homebrewed pod from comedy writers James Bugg, Jack Bernhardt, Amy Lawson and James Boughen mines the bathos and strangeness of life stories by people who got to live the dream, and got half a dozen fairly workaday anecdotes out of it.

    Is this Angels third time leaving the thread 'for good'? Amm Google fair city spoilers updated every tues on digitalspy, angel was hardly psychic! Graciefacey is. NO CITY OFFERS CHILDREN BRIGHTER ENTICEMENTS, OR THEIR PARENTS GREATER ANXIETIES.

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    FACE IT-YOU"RE GOING TO HAVE TO LET THEM. Fair City is an digital Irish television soap opera on RTÉ One. Log in | Join now. Official website · Fair City on Twitter · Digital Spy spoilers and news – Fair City · Fair City fans Facebook Fan Page · Fair.

    images fair city thread digital spy politics

    The Big Holby City Thread. Fair City.
    Short fiction? Things spiralled out of control.

    The Best Podcasts Of (So Far)

    Rooney's late-career rumspringa over in Washington has brought out a different side of him: he's happy, he's the main man for DC United, and he's finally relaxed enough in interviews to hand out some spicy, spicy takes on the state of football at large.

    Officially sanctioned podcasts don't tend to be enormously fun, and pump the brand so hard they end up being glossy and overblown. Did you know Putin was picked in part thanks to a poll in which Russians picked fictional James Bond-alike Max Otto von Stierlitz their fantasy president? Peter Macdiarmid Getty Images.

    images fair city thread digital spy politics
    Londoner George Mpanga, better known as George the Poet, might want to invest in a sturdier mantelpiece.

    Two stand out: 'Has Brexit already changed me?

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    This pod from the Tour de France winner and five-time Olympic gold medallist gives insider tips on the latest news from the cycling world, how elite cyclists think, how the sport and its business works, and, most deliciously, where the enmity lies between the top riders. That Mark Twain quote about jokes and dissecting frogs is funny, but it's a lot of old bobbins. Wisden is the cricketing Bible, and the latest instalment of its podcast is an indispensable primer for the domestic and international seasons to come, and picks out some narrative threads to follow over the coming months.