Doctor mario ssb4 customs

Unlike Dr. Mario's case, some of them alleviate his most significant flaws. Mario's version now enables him to move himself in the opposite direction upon landing its clean hitbox, which makes it less punishable. Start a Wiki. However, aerial Dr. Jiggs Jiggs 1. Mario's best custom move because of its utility.

  • super smash bros 4 What is the difference between Mario and Doctor Mario Arqade

  • super smash bros 4 What is the difference between Mario and Doctor Mario Arqade

    Dr. Mario Palette (SSB4).png. DrMarioHeadRedSSB4​ Dr. Mario (Dr. マリオ, Dr.

    Mario) is a playable character and returning veteran in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. His moveset from Melee has. According to the Super Smash Bros 4 wiki: While Mario continues to use his updated moveset from Brawl, Dr. Mario retains the old Melee-style moveset, albeit.
    Super Jump Punch is a quite potent move that KO at earlier percentages with rage, with high power at the base and a sourspot throughout the rest of its duration.

    Neutral aerial's lower damage output makes its clean hitbox better for set-ups, yet removes its late hitbox's KO potential.

    images doctor mario ssb4 customs

    Mario's frame data is very fast in regard to start-up lag. Despite being poor in MeleeDr.

    Heaves the opponent directly overhead with both hands. Although Dr.

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    Thanks to these traits, its late hitbox is decent for edge-guarding, whereas its clean hitbox is a useful set-up option when SHFF 'd and a decent combo breaker. Appearance-wise, his coat is more detailed, and he also wears a shirt with a red tie under it, similar to his design in Dr.

    images doctor mario ssb4 customs

    Up aerial's lower launching angle makes it better for edge-guarding and partaking in combos. One of the things that makes him much worse than Mario is the fact that his combos aren't as good because of his u air sending people horizontally instead of vertically like Mario's, and his lessened jump height and air mobility.

    Custom 2.

    Video: Doctor mario ssb4 customs [email protected] 111 - Boss (Dr. Mario, Luigi) Vs. Snow (Sheik, Fox) SSB4 Grand Finals - Smash Wii U - Smash 4

    Compared to Luigi's, however, it launches at a lower angle.

    Mario in Super Smash Bros. However, up aerial's launching angle also makes it much less effective at starting combos when SHFF'd or juggling compared to Mario's. Mario's version has remained unchanged since Meleewhich makes it worse for recovery. Mario because of his particular strengths, his metagame has remained stagnant because of his tournament results and representation being among the most sparse in the game.

    By extension, he has minimal KO set-ups like Mario. Mario is the heavier hitter, while Mario is the agile one? Mario is both difficult to punish and very effective at punishing.

    Ol' One-Two gives Dr.

    Mario's recovery also received a mix of buffs and nerfs. Most notably, Super Sheet no longer stalls Dr.

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    However, Dr. Mario is an all-rounder like his normal self, and is thus outclassed in certain aspects by other characters: Donkey Kong and Captain Falcon have more power and much better overall mobility; Mario, Luigi and Bayonetta have much more versatile combo games; Marth and Cloud have much more range; and R.