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Sort reviews by:. I finished the month out searching the pictures and then once I found the real owner of the face, I responded to the email as if I was a friend of the person. Yes 5. So many will say it is their last day so they want your email and phone number. Share on Facebook. Mark that ignorant. Go to the Bar. What is the return policy? They have different culture, where it's an absolutely normal thing.

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  • By continuing, I agree to receive emails from OurTime. I understand that I am free to withdraw consent at any time. Linda. PM. Now, let's keep your account. Interested in joining OurTime? Before signing up, get all the information you need from costs, safety precautions, to functionality and mobile features straight from. is an online dating site for mature adults. Mature daters often have different life goals and relationship goals but still, want to meet other singles.

    The dating community focuses on the interests and desires of like-minded people within a similar age range.
    This way, you don't have to worry about keeping track of your username -- just make sure to remember your password and you'll be fine. I signed up over a month ago, and then I canceled my automatic renewal because I found this site difficult to navigate, and not many profile choices.

    Reviews () Pricing & Ratings

    I got out and they kept my profile on the site. OurTime won top pick for a senior dating site from DatingSiteReviews. Also, when attempting to stop the receipt of their unsatisfactory recommendations I had to google my question to find the procedure.

    Can anyone advise how to speak to someone??

    OurTime Review October Scammers or lifetime partners

    images what is ourtime com
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    My favorite line that I ran into on someone's profile was: "If you don't look like your picture, you're paying for dinner until you do.

    images what is ourtime com

    I haven't met one decent man here yet. The home page is easy to navigate and understand from the moment you first log in, with clearly labeled areas to explore. They will contact you with the same story: they really liked your profile and photo, that you seem like a nice person, and then want you to send them your full name, cell phone number and email address.

    After giving us an temp password.

    OurTime (14Day) Free Trial The Misconception & The Solution

    Within 8 days of subscribing profile is hacked, and you are not able to get into your profile.

    Read our expert's review about Ratings include the matching process, cost, privacy safeguards, safety and the main features. Boasting a straightforward dashboard and easy sign-up process, offers a great way for seniors to dip their toes into the world of online dating.

    reviews for from dating and relationship experts. See ratings of OurTime's user base, pricing, features, match system, free trial & more!.
    The photos on the portal for the site is all actors and models; these are not real people. The mobile web and desktop version of the online dating platform are ranked 29 in the dating and relationships category and attract an average of 7, visitors per month.

    On the other hand, there are many real people's profiles as well, you just have to be careful using it.

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    How do I prevent seeing profiles without a picture? Met Thomas. The Who I Like section is appropriately named, and displays subsection lists of members you have shown interest in. It's a secure site, I've been using it for a year and I've had many dates already - their women are real and very hot!

    images what is ourtime com
    What is ourtime com
    They are rubbish, do not use this site, you have been warned.

    Give you a new temporary password that never works From any profile shown here you may click on the profile picture to expand and see the full profile, and, uniquely, you can also filter profiles shown in this area based on age range and location.

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    Also, way too many men with no photos in their profiles! Yes 8.

    OurTime Reviews Reviews of Sitejabber

    I complained to the site's email only to have more of their ads bombard me. Scripted replies.

    We've gotten a lot of questions about OurTime's day free trial period, so we decided to write an article to clear things up for senior singles. You know who you are, and what you want in a relationship. But finding this person after the age of 50 might seem impossible.

    OurTime Reviews Is it a Scam or Legit

    Can OurTime help you out?. reviews for OurTime, stars: “Yes, this site can be accused of using stolen pictures sometimes. On the other hand, there are many real people's profiles as.
    It's bad enough that people put a picture that is 2 or 3 years old, but some don't even try.

    Why does Our Time post profiles onto it's members "My Views" when the customer never views them? There is no refund policy and very little customer service so be careful or you'll have another 6 months or whatever your term of almost no response from questionable members.

    images what is ourtime com

    If you block someone do all the messages you sent back and forth get deleted? For Business Owners.

    They are all that way. Can't get a response if you need help.

    images what is ourtime com
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    In addition, DatingSiteReview. Of course, we would have had to pay in order to view these messages, which may be a strong indication that these were fake accounts set up to convince you to hand over your hard-earned money.

    Spent hours trying to set up the app on my phone - kept giving me a useless error message. So I have to keep changing my passwords. Not even inventive, but outright stealing pictures off the internet of someone else.

    When I ask meetthey always found any excuse to not meet meluckily I found my current girlfriend on multifriends.

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    1. On the other hand, there are many real people's profiles as well, you just have to be careful using it. So I have to keep changing my passwords.